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Homemade pizza dough, two ways - potato & rosemary and mushroom & onion.
Crust crunchy, but a little burnt.
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...when setting up the game for the evening, and passing out fate chips, that you're not sure if you're mixing up the number of fate points remaining with the number of Wisdom points remaining.

Incorporeal wisdom-draining undead are nasty.
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Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
Cats in the Cradle with the Silver Spoon

any others?

UPDATE: Following a request for clarification, here are the rules:

1) The same line should include Person, Weapon, and Location. 2 out of three doesn't count, so "Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard", omitting the weapon, no good.

2) Unorthodox weapons are fine.

3) People as weapons, unless it's really cool, are right out.

4) Bonus points if it's in the title, but lyrics are just fine.
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Last night's Baron Munchausen game had a small but dedicated contingent, explaining the mysteries of the Gold-Plated Spork in the Doge's Palace, the Siberian Newspaper Replication, the Shrinking of Jupiter, and other such time-honored enigmas.

Today has no set RPGs or event apart from board gaming, starting with Iron Dragon, in progress.
We'll run to about 6, then collapse and check out the fireworks.
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The doors are open, and PicniCon XII's mission to breakfast has begun. Tyler
has broken out the blueberry pancakes and the Alton Brown-style french toast.

Come on down - there are two RPGs today, one World of Darkness, one D&D. And
late tonight, the infamous Baron Munchausen game!

Last night ran to 3:30 AM, playing a new Civ-style card game (more details on
the game when I've woken up). The highlight of the night was the "occupation"
and "down" rounds of Encore, which easily lasted over 25 volleys each.

Ambassador (!)
Production Manager
Conductor (train)
Temple President
President of the U.S.
Restaurant Owner
Railroad worker
Store Santa
Code Monkey
Law enforcement (Sherrif or deputy)
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You were all wondering what happened after Star Trek, and you guessed it...monkeys.  After all, who doesn't love monkeys?  The title holds some special significance to your beloved dictator and her consort, as 12 Monkeys was the movie on their first date (look it up in IMDB, kids.   Yep, we're old).

For our new members, Picnicon is Bostongamers annual gathering, a weekend of good games, good friends, and good food!

In the home of BostonGamers' benevolent Dictator, Vivian Abraham. We are in Somerville, the Gaming Nexus, reasonably close to the T. The address is 11 Fenwick Street, #2, easily accessible by bus from Sullivan
Station and Davis Square, a few blocks walk from the bus to/from Lechmere. We have some parking available as well. Let us know if you are coming via car in advance, and we can arrange for Somerville party permits.

Friday, July 2th at 6:00 pm -> Sunday, July 4th at whenever pm
Early arrivals will be put to hard labor and are greatly appreciated.  Check in with me if you want to be on staff.

There's both crash space and facilities to cook and store food, so bring sleeping bags if you're crashing and either food to cook or money to order out or chip in for groceries.  Viv and I will be cooking and others are welcome to join us. I (Daniel) will provide many, many buffalo wings Friday evening, as is traditional, and Tyler, our Brigadier of Breakfast has volunteered to handle a morning meal. A note on alcohol: you are welcome to bring it, we usually have a big game of Baron Munchausen one night which involves lots of drinking, but we reserve the right to collect keys and/or cut folks off if necessary.

Everyone should come prepared to play and/or run a game, bring board games, or do something to make it
fun for everyone - unlike many gaming conventions, this is a group-participation event, so don't hesitate to join in and plan some events! They'll be lots of willing people to help!

On the slate this year:

* The traditional (and infamous) late-night Baron Munchausen game (tall tales in the grand manner),
* Circumstances willing, a grand game of Encore, the team singing and lyrics game.
* I may actually be running something serious for a change!
* [insert your game here]


If you want to run a scheduled game at PicniCon, please send me an email with:
* The name of the game
* The number of players you want
* The system
* If you're using pre-generated characters or want people to bring them
* How long you expect the game to run

We'll still have room for pickup games, but we want to put some games on the map first.


Allergies: There are three cats, one nice (Ivanova), one nippy (Miles), one cuddly (Loki). No, you cannot take Loki home. Please notify me of any food allergies and/or restrictions, and we'll do our best to accommodate.

Kids: Welcome! The boy is now old enough to understand and play simple games, with a little guidance (Frog and Toad, Mancala, Brockian Ultra-Cricket).  Too young for games with brightly-colored pieces that can be mistaken for candy (most German board games).   [Proud sponsors of the Geek Parent Conspiracy]

We are set on folding tables, but could use folding chairs.

Games: Bring _some_ games, but not _all_ your games.  Last year, we ran out of room to sit!  Feel freel to send me a list of the games you want to bring, and I'll coordinate to reduce the number of multiple copies. For example. we're cool on Cosmic Encounters (the new new one with the expansion).


Just drop me an email and any difficulties can be overcome.
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Civ 5 is coming.
I saw the preview video.
Boy asks..."is that a scary video?"
I answer..."Yes, boy...yes it is."
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In honor of [ profile] smoagendash and [ profile] koshmom 's wedding,  we held exhibition match: Garlic.
Sadly, there will be no formal battles until the boy is of an age to be patient for one whole day, or we get a babysitter willing to watch the kid while we cook and would like to participate in and watch the boy during the tasting. 

The menu:

Amuse: Stuffed mushroom with homemade garlic sausage, topped with black garlic

Appetizer: Bruschetta 3 ways - Rubbed with raw garlic and topped with garlic-marinated bell peppers, topped with olive-herb and roasted garlic tapenade, and "bagna cauda" style.

Soup: Chicken mousseline quenelles in garlic broth.

Salad: Classic chopped salad with homemade ranch dressing and bacon

Main #1: Crepes Baxter - Chicken crepes with a garlic and vermouth veloute

Main #2: Potato Gnocchi and Roasted Garlic ragout

Dessert: Roasted Garlic Pumpkin Pie with maple syrup and coconut milk

As always, a good time was had by all.  Must keep mousseline out of the hands of the cats, then sleep.
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Lioncub wanted to skip all the way to daycare. He does not know how to skip.

Stand on one foot.
Rise to the ball of that foot.
Hop forward.
Shift weight to the other foot, repeat for that foot.

Somersaults are easier, but not so reliable a means of locomotion.

Boy shuffled and jumped a bit, and asked me to demonstrate most of the way there.

Nice thing about being a parent - once you've dealt with poop, nothing embarrasses you.


Oct. 10th, 2009 01:15 am
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We'll be out and about in Davis tomorrow for HONK.
See you there!
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Bacon - McKinnon's not selling pork belly regularly now, so I'm looking for other sources. The grocery store in Chinatown had some in smaller pieces. It makes ugly bacon, but it's still tasty.

Sausages - Extreme merguez variation #1: pork instead of lamb, dried oregano instead of fresh, collagen casing instead of fresh, and lard instead of fatback. It's still damn good, if a little salty. You'd think a 6.5# bone-in pork shoulder would have more than 3# of meat. Lessons learned: try a different cut of meat, collagen casings are pretty good, lard makes a sticky mess, and roasted red bell pepper is freakin' awesome in sausage.

Next request - balsamicdragon wants a breakfast sausage.

If that works, we move on to the holy grail of sausages - Andouille!
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Ivanova jumps up on the couch, steps on the external keyboard...and the power to the house goes out.

By the light of the laptop, we note a very surprised cat taking one hesitant step backwards...and the power comes back on. Taking this as a sign of approval, she takes one step forward again, and the power goes out with a loud "thunk!".

Cat runs away.

Hooray for glowy laptop screens and little boys that can sleep through power outages.
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Finished tutorial.
Just got my ass kicked by a chibi cop for assaulting the chef with a chinois.
Officer did not accept the explanation that I was just trying to give it to him as a gift.

Will try again, this time wearing plate mail.

Additional discoveries:

1) Chef does not recognize "liver" as food
2) "truffle" is not a recognized word, while "chinois" is.
3) Game thoughtfully reminded me how to spell "dalmatian"
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[Error: unknown template qotd]

Rrowr - Levi's!!

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Boy can take any one stuffed animal he wants to bed.  Usually that's his teddy bear, Takiat.  Sometimes it's his eagle or Panthery Junior.

This time, he grabbed one of his foam letters from the alphabet floormat and declared, " I want to sleep with Mr. T!"  Have a teddy bear.  G'night.
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Kept the boy up waaaaaaaaaay past his bedtime to see the fireworks at Trum Field.  He loved the band and the music, but had to be convinced to take his hands off his eyes when the streetlights went out.  Then his little jaw hit the floor for the next 20 minutes.  He was a bit scared of the finale, but he want to go again next year.  As balsamicdragon says, once is a custom, twice is a tradition.  I'm looking forward to our Somerville fireworks tradition. 
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Day one: A lovely lovely game of Encore was sung by all.  First include two songs from Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog and one by Strongbad, with the appropriate gravelly imitation.  Many games of Dominion were played, one epic game of Iron Dragon, and a game of Colosseum still rages on in the back of the house. 

Tomorrow features an afternoon game of old-school D&D, an evening game of It Came From The Late Late Late Show (Scooby Doo vs. the Scuba-Diving Zombies of Bikini Beach), and the late-night drinking and lying game, Baron Munchausen. 

See you here tomorrow!
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